Makevt Platform
Provide your service with an incredible sense of presence

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Give your users amazing sense of presence to increase conversion rate and differentiate yourself from competitors. Works well with both sites and mobile apps.


Embed a simple yet powerful interface into your site, so anyone with a smartphone can add virtual tours to their place descriptions.

Six reasons to use Makevt

  • Increase conversions

    No matter what your service is about - booking, reviews, sale and rental of real estate - virtual tours will increase your conversion rate.

  • New income channel

    You can make virtual tours a paid option on your site, add it to your "Pro" plan or make money shooting panoramas for users.

  • Differentiate

    Use cutting-edge technology to lead the market. Show locations to users much better than your competitors.

  • Own your data

    Rights on all panoramas and additional material will belong to you or your users (depending on your service license agreement), not to some third-party company that will let the competitors to use the material.

  • Easy for end users

    Simple Cloud service interface which doesn't require installation, coding or additional knowledge from your users.

  • Simple to integrate

    Integration with Makevt is based on iFrames and simple API, so it will not take a long time. You can also customize it if you want.

Variants of integration

Feature Start Basic Ultimate
Unlimited number of panoramas and tours
Tours work on smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS)
Embedded hotspot editor for transitions between scenes, embedded images and text
Custom styles and icons
Mobile SDK for uploading panoramas

Prices are negotiable and depend on storage volume and traffic. The platform is a b2b solution (a product for companies) and usually is a custom deal.

Custom Solutions

An alternative to using our service is to buy your own version which will work on your own server and is modified especially for you. You will use it as your own instrument. We have a team of developers which already knows many solutions and is able to modify our service especially for you. You don't need to re-invent the wheel with us. We can save you time and stress.

We are open to new ideas of partnership, so please feel free to write to We are waiting for your emails!

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