What should I know about virtual tours and 360° panoramas?

The clients like to know what they are buying. They want to see the goods right from home. They don’t like to spend their precious time on the road to see something with their own eyes. People want to choose the product from the comfort of their home. No wonder internet shopping is growing like a snowball.

But how can you sell a building through the Internet? How can you show a house or a landscape with the Internet? Actually, even if you use just a simple photo of a flat, it’s a great advantage. Many people on realty websites don’t even consider offers without photos. But virtual tours and 360° panoramas is a whole new way to differentiate your product from all the others. Virtual tours provide much more presence than plain, still photos. The clients aren’t in the home, but with a virtual tour it’s like they’ve walked in there and are looking at it!

What is 360° panorama?

It’s like the viewpoints from the top of the Eiffel Tower: You can look around and examine a lot of interesting details. 360° means that you can look in any direction: to the left, to the right or even backward.

What is a virtual tour?

It’s several viewpoints, between which you can travel like on an excursion. At every view point you can interact with different objects; for example, you can read the history of the building you are looking at or to listen to the voice of a guide.

Who uses virtual tours?

Cafés, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, real estate agents, developers, travel industry, yacht sellers, etc. By using virtual tours, they are showing the comfort and the atmosphere that their customers can expect. This raises the client’s confidence and more people will make reservations or buy things. Moreover, virtual tours are the best way to show a project, to give a sense of presence to news readers or to show viewers a landscape in all its beauty.

Why are the virtual tours useful for me?

  • You can give viewers around the world an opportunity to see a scene from your point of view.
  • You will attract more clients as they can see your business much better than your competitor’s business.
  • You will raise their confidence as they don’t need to buy products sight unseen.
  • Clients can sense and fall in love with the atmosphere of the location before they arrive.
  • You can retain them on your site much longer, because people like to examine the panoramas. Furthermore, they are not passively looking at photos but are actively interacting with your site, which makes them memorize it much more effectively.
  • You can transfer your feelings about a place or event much better.

Who can make virtual tours?

You can make a virtual tour by yourself or leave it in the hands of the professionals.

What do I need to create a virtual tour?

Actually, if you have a camera or a smartphone, it’s enough. If you want to be a professional, you need a good camera, a tripod and a panoramic head . Is it complicated to build a virtual tour into my site? No. Actually, it’s very easy with Makevt. Just copy the code generated by our site and insert it on your site. If you want, you can also publish your panorama on social networks.

What else do virtual tours have?

There are a lot of interesting components which you can build into a virtual tour:

  • Add your text to the objects; for example, a biography of the owner of a building
  • Make the object react to a mouse hover or click (called a ” hotspot” )
  • Insert your own images, for example logos or photos
  • Make transitions between the locations
  • Add a map of the location or Google map
  • Insert compass
  • Add weather effects (for example, snow)
  • Define the automatic camera rotation
  • Insert animation and even video

How do you shoot a panorama?

We have an excellent F.A.Q. for panorama photographers.

How do you create a virtual tour?

Here is a Quick Start Tutorial in the virtual tour creation section. And we have Quick Start video help. It’s easy: 5 minutes and you can create a virtual tour!