Quick start with Makevt

Quick start

  1. Create an account
  2. Creation of a virtual tour

Quick start

Create an account

Before making your first virtual tour you need to create your personal account. Your account will be created immediately. Please, use your real e-mail to avoid missing notifications about your tours.

Creation of a virtual tour

  1. Please, login.
  2. Create a new tour by clicking “Create a new tour”. You will enter the editor;
  3. Upload your panoramic .jpg files. To do this click on “Upload panoramas” in the Assistant tab;

    Note - you have to wait a bit until the panoramas will be uploaded.
    Note - in current version only *.jpg format is supported

  4. Add hotspots. To do this you should click “Go to the hotspot editor” in the Assistant tab (or “Hotspot editor” in the left menu) and select a panorama in the left menu with thumbnails. This panorama will open in the hotspot editor;

    Note - you have to wait until the selected panorama is preprocessed to be available in the hotspot editor. If it takes too long - refresh your page (F5 on your keyboard)

  5. In the hotspot editor you can create polygonal and point hotspots ;
  6. Create required hotspots by repeating steps 4 and 5 with other panoramas. You may check the hotspots by using the "Hotspot list" or the "Transition map" in the left menu;

    Note - don’t forget to click “redraw” in the "Transition map" tab every time you open it to see the latest changes

  7. Set the name of the tour and the panorama, which should be seen first. To set the initial direction of the view you should set the “eye” (it corresponds with the center of the view) to a point on the first panorama;
  8. To see your tour click “Publish your tour” in the Assistant tab and then "Publish and view";
  9. Share the tour
  10. If you have any questions you are welcome to write via contact@makevt.com