We can add VR to your tour or make a separate, simplified version of the tour which will be optimized for VR viewing specifics.

We can also create an app which will allow you to play your tour locally, which is handy for exhibitions.

We can add integrations with online and offline databases of any complexity, integrate tour with Javascript and any other idea which may come to your mind if it's theoretically technically possible.

Also, as a basic step, we can optimize everything for mobiles. Not only the basic virtual tour, but also all the additional components: make hotspots' windows resize on mobile devices, enable things like maps, videos or sounds to work on mobile devices with adaptable design, which is difficult because they not only need to code a resizing interface, but you must find workarounds to overcome the limitations of mobile platforms, etc.

What’s next? Tell us what you want by writing at to contact@makevt.com, and we will be glad to answer your questions to start the work.