Booking form

We can insert a booking form interface into your virtual tour.

Imagine: clients can now choose where they want to sit in your restaurant or your movie theater from home by hovering the cursor on a chair or a table, or they can book a room in a hotel by hovering the mouse over the bed!

Get conversions right from the tour!

The form will work right in your tour. It will send you an email when someone makes a booking; you don't need additional software for that. We can also change the design of the form individually for you: a brown leather and gold booking form for a conservative restaurant, a hi-tech form for a modern bar, or any other design you suggest. It will save money on call center resources and allow you to accept bookings at any time, day or night.

Now you have a way to give visitors the sense of presence in your business from the comfort of their own home. It will differentiate you from your competitors, because on your site the client will choose the place to sit like he really sees it. On other sites he will need to look at small flat photos, boring plain schemas or to call and ask "for a nice place somewhere". Who will he prefer if he has already found the ideal place for himself in your tour?

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