Your branding

Change the whole interface design into your corporate design, including full interface button redesign. The whole interface can be redrawn specially for your company and all the buttons can be done in accordance with your tour idea. All the elements of the tour interface can be redrawn. Additional elements can be added as well, such as a navigation menu at the left side of the screen with flat buttons, which will make your tour look like a standalone site, or animated elements to make your tour vivid. Embed the tour with a unique design to convey your corporate identity to the clients and to make your company memorable. Here are some basic ideas:

  1. Insert corporate logos or links to your site in the corners of the screen instead of the makevt and krpano logos. It can be a plain text or an image file, leading to your site:

  2. Make an individual intro image with your logo, your design and your welcome text

  3. Set your own nadir logo. Nadir is a round image on the ground or on the top (sky) of the panorama sphere:

    You can place a nadir logo of your company or write your website address.

  4. Insert your own set of icons which is made with your corporate design. For example, if you have a medieval-style bar, you can make the icons in the form of ancient shields, horns, scrolls and wooden direction signs, or for a modern club it can be a set of hi-tech icons.

What’s next?

Tell us your ideas by writing to, and we'll find a great solution for you.