Maps and navigation

Map from your image. Shows space and distances in your tour.

*Example by Barney Meyer

  1. You can send us your own map image or we can draw it for you. It can be a hand drawn artistic map, a scheme or a "google maps" style photo made from satellite
  2. There are radar buttons that show the direction of the view and allow to transit between locations
  3. We can change the radar icons' design or to place the map in another corner
  4. We can add more layers to the map (second floor, first floor)


*Example by krpano

  1. Thumbnails show previews of locations
  2. They can't show distance
  3. They can be arranged vertically at the left or right screen side as well

Context menu

*Example by krpano

  1. A simple list in a corner of the screen. Enables to navigate through the key locations and allows to read names of the locations in your tour.
  2. Can't show show distance

So, to add a map contact us by writing to, and we'll find a great solution for you.