How we work

You can get the an idea of a particular project by reading this case. Here are some general outlines.

  1. You tell us your needs and ideas or ask us questions about how to make your project real.

    Sometimes the case appears to be standard, and sometimes people ask us for advice about unique projects, so we need time to think about how to do their project best. In other words, sometimes we are making a small modification to a single tour, sometimes we are searching for a way to accomplish a really big project. But most of all, we are helping with ideas on how to grow businesses rather than how to make tours, and it becomes more like a partnership than a one-time job.

    So, feel free to discuss your project with us by writing to We will try to help you to figure out the best way to accomplish your goals, even if it appears that you need some other service. When we know exactly what we can do, we will tell you price. If you agree, we will proceed.

  2. If necessary, we can stitch your photos into panoramas

    Sometimes it’s better to send us original photos so we can enhance the panoramas. Whether this can be done depends on the quality of the originals (first of all, if a panoramic head is used).
  3. You can make a basic tour using the editor for free: just upload the panoramas and set the transitions between them.

    We can do this for you, but it really saves time if you place the hotpots by yourself instead of telling us where they should be placed. Just try our free editor, it’s really simple. When you are ready, we will start to upgrade the tour.

    Sometimes, from this point, changing your tour requires us to do coding manually instead of visual editing, so if the changes are significant we will quote a price for that. For example, adding a scene to a tour will cost $5-10 depending on complexity, to add a new image hotspot will cost $2 and so on. If you need to keep to be able to update the tour after, we can code everything so that you will keep this ability.

    We are working with a separate version of your basic tour, so the changes made in the "My tours" editor will not harm the upgraded version.

  4. Host the upgraded tour version on our server or on yours.

    When the final version of the tour is ready, you can insert it in other sites using a very simple iframe code or by just placing a link to the tour. Also, you will be able to download the tour files and host them on your server. If you want to see how it works, try this iframe code with our example tour right now:

    <iframe id="KRPanoObj" src="" style="background-color: black; border-style: solid; height: 600px; width: 740px;"> </iframe>

    It works if you insert it in the html code of the page, plus many site engines allow using html code right from the admin interface editor or directly in the comments. In other words, if you have never worked with iframes, it is a simple task for your admin if your site is not very complex.
  5. The result looks like this:

  6. Pay safely with PayPal or wire transfer (if you are a business entity).

What’s next?

Start communicating with us by writing to