Background sound and music

*Example by Barney Meyer

We can insert sounds and music into your virtual tour. Here are some ideas:

  1. You can choose if the music plays from the start or only after clicking on the "play" button. The second option is better if you don't want to bother a person who already has music playing in another browser tab, and the first option is better if you want to be sure that viewers hear the sounds.
  2. At the beginning of a tour a "speaker" icon can fly from the center of the screen to the corner, so that it will be hard not to notice it. In that case you can add an intro image where "click the speaker to play background sounds" will be written to ensure that viewers notice it, and turn it on if they want.
  3. Every location can have its own music.
  4. When a user transits between locations music can keep playing, or it can play only in specific locations and be muted in others.
  5. You can add a background sound to create surrounding effects like the sound of water or birds in the garden (the sound can be looped).

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